What projects are the team working on now?

Several weekly workshops, 3rd International Congress of Astrology, articles for magazines, articles for the channel of the largest newspaper in the country, classes, correction of tests of the courses that are taught.

Organization of Star Club lectures from ISAR Portugal.

What branch or branches of astrology does this school deal with and what astrological areas do they cover?

Traditional and modern astrology, medical, child, and psychological astrology.

What kind of astrology training can you provide?

Several. We have our professional training course with the teacher and, we still have the professional training of the astrology course in an e-learning regimen, with constant support and accompaniment for the students. Courses with more than 500 hours, and realization of 4 projects related to the training. Each level, from the beginning, medium, advanced, and the master, has theses of research. All training has evaluation in addition to joining online classes every 2 months for research and sharing of studies.

Are there mentors on staff and how do they interact with students?

Yes, of course, we have mentors whenever students have issues in their lives and we still have meetings every 2 months for sharing charts by zoom

Have you changed your curriculum and, if so, why? Have you noticed if there is an increased interest in some astrological areas?

I have changed several times. I am always conducting other training in the fields of psychology, astrology, and this year, conducting the formation of Vedic Astrology with Dr. David Frawley and the American Vedic Institute. Also, as I write on average one book per year, I have to change the curriculum.

What type of learning methods does the school provide that distinguishes them among other Astrology schools?

It is the only school dedicated to professional astrology with certification of the government entity in the area of education that allows employment, through DGERT (General Directorate of Employment and Relations at Work)- https://www.dgert.gov.pt/ and SIGO (Integrated Information System and Management of the Educational and Formative Offer) https://www.dgeec.mec.pt/np4/sigo

In addition, it is the most workload supportive training in the country, and unique in the obligation of students to create research and research projects that allow for evaluation and certification.

What is the quality and composition of a school’s teaching staff? Do you have guest lecturers or collaborate with other schools?

Our trainer is the director with professional certification with CAP Portuguese, and still accumulates the ISAR CAP with thousands of hours of training there for students in the last 20 years.

At the same time, Isabel Guimarães is the president and founder of the only Portuguese association of astrology – ASPAS in Portugal, the partnership is direct with our school creating the bridge with several astrologers being invited to teach at Faces Isabel Guimarães several times a year. We are, this January and for 8 months, conducting training with the Spanish astrologer Enzo de Paola, member of ASPAS and ISAR, teaching the training with “The dynamics of systemic constellations in astrology”.  This is one of the examples.

Do you provide multilingual teaching classes? If so, which languages?

Yes. Portuguese and Spanish

What kind of students do you have?

Varied, from psychologists, doctors, designers, teachers, engineers, lawyers, Portuguese state employees, pharmacists, college students, etc.

Do you reward or promote the best students on some basis?

Always, with articles published in the only astrological journal in Portuguese, at the Star Club of ISAR Portugal, with articles to the website ISAR Portugal, and in the international congresses that we organize with the Portuguese Association of Astrology.

Is there interest in astrological research at the school level or among students?

It’s in the structure of school teaching, so yes. One of the projects we carried out was to bring together 10 students in the field of children’s astrology and we had 1 year to collect data where we launched our projects at the 2nd International Congress of Astrology in Portugal along with their book in Portuguese and English. These are some of the incentives we have provided.

Have you, or anyone from your School, published some astrology books? If yes, tell us more about it.

Yes, as written above, our students with our trainer and everyone that this year have already added 8 books, several of which are linked to astrological research.

How about articles?

Many a year, because our teacher is the editorial director of the only Journal dedicated to astrology since 2012 in Portuguese. In addition to their own students having on 4 levels of learning in the training course, the realization of research and research projects that they have to elaborate to pass the level, and the thesis of the end of the 4 levels, which are always used for the best articles.

Is your school present on social networks? If so, how’s this working?

In many ways: Instagram, Website, Facebook, Monthly Newsletters, and the weekly presence on the online channel of one of the largest newspapers in the country.

Do you also have any activity on YouTube?

I do not refuse, but it did not have any impact when we created it, with the public level of attraction that we do not need to have along with the other social networks described above.