Track 02: Political and Mundane

$ 83.00

  1. Working with Eclipses
    Christine Arens
  2. How Planetary Cycles Help Understand Past, Present and Future: What to Expect of 2010 and Beyond?
    Claude Weiss
  3. The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle
    Robert P. Blaschke
  4. Fixed Stars Guide to Incoming Events 2010-2020
    Aleksandar Imsiragic
  5. 2012: Real or Imagined?
    Rick Levine
  6. Hidden Texture of Towns
    Zdenek Bohuslav, Ph.D.
  7. Mastering Politics through Astrology and Compassion
    Roy Gillett
  8. The Art of Public Divination: Astrology’s Opportune Cultural Calling to Provide the Strategic Cultural Meta-Story
    Caroline Casey
  9. Successful Decision With the Help of Astrology
    Alexandra Klinghammer
  10. 2010, 2012 and Beyond
    Jeff Jawer
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