Track 03: Relationships

$ 83.00

  1. The Vertex: Your Connection to Relationships
    Sandra-Leigh Serio
  2. Astrology for Couples
    Bob Mulligan
  3. Venus Resonance Cycles
    Dorothy Oja
  4. Strengthening Parenting Skills Through Astrology
    Cathy Coleman
  5. The Davison Chart: How Does the Relationship Show in Society
    Claudia Rizzi
  6. The Search for Intimacy
    Jeff Jawer
  7. Once More About Love
    Kamala Melic-Akhnazarova
  8. Synastry and the Art of Couples Counseling
    Greg Bogart
  9. Creative Use of Composite Charts: Understanding Systemic Dynamics in Relationships
    Verena Bachmann
  10. Making Sense of Relationships in the Modern World
    Rick Levine
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