Track 05: Psychological & Medical, Self-Knowledge

$ 90.00

  1. Making Predictions the Right Way
    Carol Rushman
  2. Essential Knowledge About Gestation
    Tad Mann
  3. The Gift of Melancholia: Marsilio Ficino, Albreht Durer, Richard Burton
    Karine Dilanyan
  4. Karma and Temptation
    Michael Lutin
  5. Astrology and the Underworld of Prison
    Brad Kochunas
  6. Fifteen Indispensable Keys to Analysis
    Noel Tyl
  7. How to Heal Challenging Aspects and Transform Them into Success
    Aleksandar Imsiragic
  8. The Expert Patient
    Jane Ridder-Patrick
  9. The Moon and the Relational Nature of Growth
    Gisele Terry
  10. The Magic of Solar Arcs
    Noel Tyl
  11. Sickness: The Big Seven
    Jane Ridder-Patrick