Track 07: Education, Culture, History

$ 90.00

  1. Astrology – Restoring the Science of Human Understanding
    Roy Gillett
  2. Improving Interpretation & Judgment Through Structure & Work Habits
    Robert Corre
  3. What Teaching Astrology at Hunter College Taught Me About Astrology
    Ralfee Finn
  4. Who Was Niccolo Machiavelli and How Did Cesare Borgia Influence Him?
    Maureen Ambrose
  5. Overcoming Language and Culture Barriers: With a Little Help from Mercury
    Mira Cosic
  6. Trickster in the Realm of Dreams: The Path of the Compassionate Trickster as
    Caroline Casey
  7. Language and Astrology
    Frank Piechoski
  8. How to Design Worldviews by Astrology
    Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller
  9. May We Live in Interesting Times : Today’s Remarkable Astrology
    Eric Meyers
  10. The Stellar Code of the Watchers
    Joe Polise
  11. The Value of Doing a Darn Good Reading!
    Susie Cox