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Zvjezdana Pančić – Sommelier, zanimanje budućnosti

U mnogim kulturama osoba koja je posluživala božansko piće, vino, bila je obavijena mističnim velom. Stručnjak za vino mogao je osjetiti mirise i okuse koje drugi ne mogu, te su ga zbog toga smatrali tajnovitim i nadnaravnih sposobnosti. Korijen riječi saumalier , potječe od somme/sommier, od provansalskog saumalier, a označava osobu koja se brinula o […]

Angela Tiki – Athena Pallas Presentation

The union of Zeus – the King of gods and mortals – and Metis – the personification of sagacity and cunning – brought to life Athena Pallas, the female Archetype of Wisdom, Strategy and War. • As a symbol of eternal maidenhood, she represents the purity and cleanness both in body and Spirit. • Athena […]

Oner Doser – Capricorn Eclipse on December 26th, 2019

In this article, I will analyze one of the most important eclipses of this year, which will occur on 26 December 2019, that gives us the ability to predict the important events of 2020, depending on traditional astrology techniques. Ancient astrologers believed that eclipses mean problematic events and bring endings. They indicate stressful times, imbalances, […]

World Bracing for Change in 2020

Astrologer says we’re on the cusp of a major redistribution of power. Like fingerprints or the tiny bumps and ridges on your tongue, no two astrological cycles look exactly alike.  Or unfold in exactly the same way. But, over time, repeating planetary cycles often have a familiar ring to them. Some more than others give astrologers the […]

Ivana Šaljić – Buđenje Venere u Jarcu

Znak Jarca nosi kategoriju vremena, zapisa i sećanja koji žive u našoj genetici. Bilo koja planeta da se nađe u ovom znaku, govori o onome što je bilo, o davno prošlom vremenu. Pošto ta planeta nosi iskustva koja su bila, ona samo njih želi da prenese nama, a mi zatim, po sećanju da ih ostvarimo. […]

Adam Gainsburg – All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

A re-examination of the actual dynamic of an astrological conjunction. Adam will focus on the planets’ Sky Factors such as brightness, speed and Earth proximity and demonstrate how they constitute a more robust delineation of the conjunction. Highlights: • Five of the main Sky Factors: Earth proximity (or Field Effect), Sky Appearance, Brightness, Speed and […]

Harry Potter Books Inspired by Astrological Symbolism

Rowling is author of the Harry Potter books, which have sold more than 400 million copies in several languages. In an article posted on his website British astrologer Robert Currey points out that astrology “lurks in the background” in all the Harry Potter books. “Astrology provides the structure and basis of the characterization for the Harry Potter […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2019

The footsteps of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction: New Moon in Sagittarius A new moon in Sagittarius is expected to bring themes around expanding our horizons, new discoveries, and dissemination of ideas, beliefs, and ideologies. During this period of time of the year, there are so many concomitant changes in our approach to social events, especially when […]

Ehsan Khazeni – Planetary Degrees in Persian Astrology

Beside the regular subdivisions of signs, every sign is divided by masculine and feminine degrees, Dark and Bright Degrees, Benefic and Malefic Degrees and some other divisions like smoky, empty etc. There are also 360 definitions similar to Sabian symbols for every single degree. Some degrees are considered as if the planet is exalted or […]

Zorana Stanojević – Šta je Astrologija?

Astrologija je, najjednostavnije rečeno, jezik simbola. Sama reč „astrologija“ potiče od grčke reči astron (zvezda) i logos (reč) a to bi značilo „zvezdani jezik“. Zasniva se na zakonitosti „kako gore, tako je i dole“ ili na zakonu makro i mikrokosmosa. Makrokosmos je Univerzum, ili zvezdano nebo kakvo vidimo sa Zemlje, a mikrokosmos je sve ono […]