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Alexandra Karacostas – The Moon and its Aspects in the Chart

Your best friend, or worst enemy? The Moon rules our emotional development, our roots, safety and security needs, as well as our habits. From the birth moment on, we strive to survive. Unconsciously, we absorb our environment and respond to secure our existence. In this talk, we will examine the Moon’s placement by sign/house and […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for February 2020

A call for fundamental change: New Moon in Aquarius, January 25th, 2020 After a busy and rather saturnine Capricorn period in the last couple of weeks, here we have a new moon in Aquarius which is also tightly squared by Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news! Indeed, Aquarius new moons can be disruptive and challenging for […]

World Bracing for Change in 2020

Astrologer says we’re on the cusp of a major redistribution of power. Like fingerprints or the tiny bumps and ridges on your tongue, no two astrological cycles look exactly alike.  Or unfold in exactly the same way. But, over time, repeating planetary cycles often have a familiar ring to them. Some more than others give astrologers the […]

Lynn Koiner – Depression: The Acute Mars Dysfunction

Generally, for people in general, depression is connected to a dysfunctional Mars. Mars ruled anger and initiative and, when these energies become inverted, depression is the result. I have observed that serious Depression is connected with an Acute Mars Dysfunction combined with Saturn afflictions that undermine self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression occurs when we do not […]

Mj Patterson – What Is An Astrologer Doing at a Wedding Show?

I was invited to be a vendor at a Wedding Showcase recently. It was beautifully set up at the Cunard centre a great venue in and of itself. I really enjoyed chatting with all the soon-to-be brides and grooms I met, but was asked more than once: “What is an Astrologer doing at a wedding show?” […]

Ivana Šaljić – Buđenje Venere u Ribama

Znak Riba je poslednji u Zodijačkom krugu, ali po važnosti, možda i prvi, jer iz ovog znaka sve nastaje i mi se iz njega rađamo. Ovde je prauzrok svega jer je u ovom znaku sadržano sve što smo nekada stvorili i sami proizveli, a danas smo to nasledili kroz život koji prolazimo. Venera se rodila […]

Laura Nalbandian – What Do the Outer Planets Want?

Laura’s approach to the outer planets – whether natal or by transit – is to explore the questions of “what do they want?”. This allows for us to explore these important planets from a place of objectivity and curiosity, instead of fear. It allows us to be open to the potentiality of their power, instead […]

Zorana Stanojević – Svetlo i tama

Kada vam je jedina alatka čekić, svaki problem vam liči na ekser. Abraham Maslov – začetnik humanističke psihologije Tokom astrološkog savetovanja veoma je važno objasniti klijentu razvojnu fazu u kojoj se nalazi i koji su izazovi pred njim. Kada osoba dobije uvid u atmosferu koja ga očekuje, sa mnogo više pažnje i razumevanja sagledava realnost. […]