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Nia Nedeljković – Kad sećanja ispišu stranice romana

Engleska književnost je kroz svoju bogatu istoriju i tradiciju iznedrila mnoge velikane koji su čovečanstvu podarili dela neprolazne vrednosti, ali istorija književnosti retko beleži pojavu takve samonikle genijalnosti u jednoj porodici, kakvu je iznedrio dom siromašnog sveštenika Patrika Brontea. Ovaj siromašan, ali obrazovan samohrani otac šestoro dece, izvršio je veliki uticaj na vaspitanje i obrazovanje […]

Lea Imsiragic – Discover Your Soul Map and Learn How to Activate it!

What do I mean by Soul Map? I believe that your natal horoscope viewed from soul perspective becomes the best map to live life organized around your life purpose. In this lecture I will show you step by step how you can discover things like- who are your ideal clients, what kind of work is […]

A New Explanation for How Astrology Works

Here’s something iconic astronomer Carl Sagan never considered. Massive amounts of mysterious dark matter gravitationally focused by the planets may be the illusive “mechanism” that explains how astrology works in the natural world. Critics argue that astrology can’t be real because there is no known mechanism in physics to explain planetary influence at astronomical distances. […]

Marie-Louise Daguerre – Ad Astra

A movie by James Gray A journey through the depths of our astronomical solar system: Neptune. It is not an action movie, but rather a study case about loneliness, isolation, interiority: the son’s quest for his father that is a world apart, leaving his fellows and earthly essential things, or also vital around him, seeking […]

Wendy Stacey – To Boldly Go Where No-one Has Gone Before

In December 2020 we will experience the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This hasn’t occurred for over 600 years and the transition of this cycle will bring massive changes. In this talk we will explore: • The transition of these conjunctions from the earth to the air element • The parallels between the […]

Frank Clifford – The Set of Signs on the Four Angles

One initial assessment in chart synthesis is to note the set of signs on the four angles. Are they of a particular mode? Are all four elements found on the angles? Does a pair have a planetary ruler in common? This assessment is important when considering our relationship with our immediate and broader environments, and […]

Vesna Lazić – Dete Ribe: mistik i vizionar dubina

Male Ribe su ekstremno senzitivna deca, imaju naglašena, istanačana i osetljiva čula, tako da će od samog rođenja da upijaju sve vibracije i uticaje iz svog okruženja. Njima je mnogo više nego ostalim bebama potrebno mirno okruženje, bez preterane buke, eventualno sa nekom tihom skladnom muzikom, što im neće remetiti spavanje. Ovo su najveće spavalice […]

David Cochrane – Forecast for 2019

David will describe what we can expect in 2019 based on Vibrational Astrology. In Vibrational Astrology minor aspects like quintiles and septiles and even more “exotic” aspects like 11ths of a circle are considered to have a major impact, and midpoint structures also have a major impact. We will look at how these vibrational planetary […]