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Mj Patterson – A Rectification of the Chart of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Born 15 March 1933 in Brooklyn New York, USA to struggling Jewish parents, Ruth Bader Ginsburg rose to become the force majeure and focal point of equality and justice for women in the law. At the time of her death, she was the only female justice on the US Supreme Court.  We have a date […]

Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Sleeping Prophet on His Kite (part 2)

THE SLEEPING PROPHET ON THE KITE Thanks to the stellium, the Grand Trine of the sleeping prophet turns into a Kite which, from the mare magnum of the prophetic dream in the 8th house, wafting between the 2nd and 6th houses, makes his psychic talents glide. The entire stellium in the 8th house holds up […]

Titi Vidal – The relationship between major conjunctions, the Spanish flu and COVID-19

Jupiter and Pluto, who meet approximately every 13 years, were together in the sign of Cancer in 1918. At that time, a type of influenza virus, which only existed in birds, suffered some mutations and started being transmitted to humans. It was a catastrophe. This so-called “Spanish flu” killed more than 100 million people. A flu […]

Oner Doser – Martial Times for Turkey

Turkey having discovered a source of natural gas in the Black Sea on August 21, 2020, is now searching for further energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea. If new resources are discovered as in the Black Sea, Turkey may become self sufficient with regard to energy issues, thereby reducing any foreign dependency, and may be […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2020

Mistaken risks, Risky mistakes: Full Moon in Aries, 2 October 2020 Here in October, cardinal signs set the tone of the month. These signs push us forward and take more risky stands, however, retrograde Mars does indeed present a much more complicated scenery throughout the month. Aries full moon on the 2nd of October brings […]

Ryuichi Ishizuka – Scopes of Influence

In this brief article, I would like to discuss about a theme which is less talked about, but I think is crucially important to utilizing symbology in a practical way. I would like to talk about scopes of influence. Ancients taught us the fundamental principle: as above, so below. I interpret this to mean that the state of […]

Mauricio Bernis – Evolutionary Energies

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Natal Charts and Forecasts Preliminary considerations Astrology, as history tells us, has already experienced moments of greater social and, so to speak, “academic” recognition when the sages of antiquity were dedicated to its study and practice. However, over time it lost its place in the scientific context and consequently it […]

Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Sleeping Prophet on His Kite

BIOGRAPHY “There is a River”, written by Tom Sugrue, was the first biography of Edgar Cayce. Other biographies written by other authors incorporated the documentation left by Cayce’s family, making it possible to reconstruct the significant moments of his life. Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877 into a farming family in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for September 2020

Crucial health check: Full Moon in Pisces, 2 September 2020 During the times of Virgo-Pisces polarity, we would be more concerned with issues of general health, supporting services, and proper applications. The full moon in Pisces shifts our attention to universal concerns especially to the people in need and suffering. Could this be a time […]

Frank C Clifford – The Twilight Zone first airs on TV

October 2, 1959; 10:00 p.m. EDT; New York, NY The Twilight Zone was a seminal show on American television, considered the most influential sci-fi anthology series of all time. Its 156 eerie episodes fused science fiction, fantasy, and metaphysics with a unique brand of paranormal and psychological horror. The show has often been described as […]