The ISAR Online Symposium

What is Astrology?

August 28, 2021

12 noon to 10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 9 AM – 7 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Free for those registered for the ISAR Conference
$55 for Symposium only, ISAR members
$95 for Symposium only, non-ISAR members

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On Saturday, August 28, 2021 ISAR is offering an one-day online Symposium with the theme “What is Astrology? The Symposium will be recorded so if you cannot attend all of it or any of it live, as a registered attendee you have permanent access to the video recordings as long as you are an ISAR member via the member services at the ISAR website. Fees and the link to register are given in the title above. Below are details about the Symposium.

Join us for a unique astrological event! Some of the world’s most celebrated astrologers will share:

  • What they assume about how planets, zodiac signs, houses, aspects, etc. work when they interpret a birth chart.
  • What this implies about the fundamental nature of astrology.
  • How their assumptions and beliefs in astrology differ from other points of view.
  • Whether astrology is compatible with science.
  • Whether astrology is spiritual or implies anything about spirituality.
  • Whether astrology is fundamentally psychological.
  • What astrology’s greatest benefits are.
  • In short, we bring some of the brightest minds in astrology who come from different perspectives and practice unique techniques to answer the question, “What is Astrology?” Different astrologers will showcase their distinctive techniques and offer unique assumptions about how astrology works, as well as their perspectives on what the goal of an astrological interpretation is. This can get controversial: let’s dive deep into the controversy, see what we agree about, and what we disagree about, regarding the core underlying foundations of astrology! All attendees will receive access to a recording of the entire Symposium presentation, so if you cannot attend the live presentation, you still have access to the recordings.

NOTE: The Symposium on August 28, 2021 is online. The live conference will be held in August 2022 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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