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Verena Bachmann – Creative Use of Composite Charts

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The Alchemy of a relationship is evident in the composite chart. In this lecture we will use a systemic approach to look at the dynamics of a composite chart and show how to find possible roles and experiences of the respective partners. Further we look at specific transits to the composite chart and their implications for the relationship.

Claudia Rizzi – Chiron: Four Moments in Life to Understand Our Collective Mission

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Chiron, the wounded healer, is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Understanding what this planetoid has to tell us, we can deeply understand the kind of self we need to develop in order to live healthier and happier lives. There are four critical moments in our lives when Chiron teaches us important lessons and these lessons are useful to better serve society as Chiron has to do with collective karma.

Robert Corre – Improving Interpretation & Judgment Through Structure & Work Habits

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Astrology is the study of Motivation and Drive. Our goal? Answer two questions: What may I expect during this lifetime and when? The primary obstacle to delineation? Becoming overwhelmed by the chart's complexity. How do we break through? The result? An image of the desires that impel a living soul's destiny.

Sandra-Leigh Serio – What is Your Life’s Purpose?

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What constitutes an old or young soul? What lessons are you learning and what talents have you mastered on a soul level? Are you on the right path? Are events predestined? Do you have choices? These and other questions regarding the evolution of your soul can be examined with a few basic techniques and an understanding of astrology's role in your life experience.

Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness

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Understanding the evolutionary levels of consciousness explains why people who share the same chart do not necessarily act the same way. The overall chart pattern describes themes and energies that the person lives with, but how these themes and energies are addressed and used is completely dependent on his or her level of consciousness. To illustrate this dynamic, we will describe these different evolutionary levels and discuss examples.

Tad Mann – Essential Knowledge About Gestation

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We tend to ignore the fact that our life begins at Conception. During Gestation we are imprinted with our genetic inheritance and reincarnation histories while inside our mother. From here the events and psychological developments of our life unfold in sequence around the horoscope circle from conception to old age. Learn how to decode these earliest important influences in the horoscope as they directly affect your creativity, sexuality and relationships for the rest of your life.