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Marie-Louise Daguerre – Karl Lagerfeld: The Saturnian Destiny of a Kaiser 

Karl Lagerfeld, born on September the 10th, enjoyed casting a shadow over his year of birth: was it 1933, 1935, or rather, 1938? German medias tried to prove that he was born in 1933 on the basis of his baptismal certificate, for example. However, Karl Lagerfeld argued that he didn’t know his own age and […]

Luis Resina – Aspas Article: Astrological Portugal (Part I)

Foundation and Templarism Historical context It was the end of the 11thcentury, after a period obscured by fears of worldwide destruction by the year 1000, and a time when land domains were fundamentally based on feudal lords and monasteries.  From the 12thcentury, cities began to grow and after the Crusades trading and financial transaction markets started […]

Gaye Alkan – Letting the Chart Reveal Itself: Multidimensional Chart

In this article, I want to make a thinking about how a chart can be read in many levels, how is the multidimensionality of a chart? I think it’s important to define all to be sure for an accurate understanding of a chart. Accumulation of knowledge in astrology helps us to see the charts in many […]