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Karine Dilanian – Foretelling After Sunset

Any fancier and admirer of ancient wisdom dreams of visiting India. Those who study astrology will tell you that India, with its legendary astrologers and wise men, miraculous fortune telling and incredibly accurate predictions is a paradise for a real astrologer. Indian astrology has a multitude of various traditions, systems, schools and doctrines. Not all […]

R.Hakan Kırkoğlu – Haziran 2019 Ay Döngüsü Raporu

 Hareketliliği, muzipliği ve meraklı kişiliğiyle İkizler o kadar aksiyon ve sorgulama halindedir ki bu durum çevresinde her zaman şaşkınlık uyandırmıştır. İkizler gençlik ruhunu, hızı ve esneklik enerjilerini temsil eder ve bu özellikler yeniay döneminde daha yoğun olarak kendini gösteriyor.

R. Hakan Kirkoglu – Lunation Report for June 2019

Gemini New Moon: A New Moon for the curious Quick acting, mischievous and curious Gemini brings so much action and questioning that no one escapes from his/her bewildering attitude. Gemini represents young spirited, agile and flexible energy and these qualities are even more enhanced at this lunation around. Gemini new moon on the 3rd of […]

Jelena Lemot – Once upon a time in France

It is true that astrology has existed for millennia and that no one knows precisely when its appearance began. On the other hand, its decline in Europe, and particularly in France, is relatively recent. How to understand why the professional Astrology is so badly recognized in France, the Country of the Sun and the Lion, […]