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Memory of Gestation in Astrology

Speaker: Isabel Guimaraes


Ocak 26 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST

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Memory of Gestation in Astrology
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Sun, Jan 26, 2020 03:00 PM - 04:30 PM EST
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I developed this astrological technique in the last 5 years, supported in the professional training of Psychosomatic and Multifocal Psychology. Intelligence associating the Astrology is a way where we will find the first moment when the life contact began and how it developed. From 0 to 9 months, analyzing cases, including also the premature, and being able to understand how the current adult connects with the memory of gestation in the mother’s belly. More than 590 astrological charts analyzed prove that gestation holds the information where we will find the cause and effect relationship for many of the pathologies, behaviors and themes in the adult life. It is a journey through the unconscious to “wake up” the conscious.

Isabel Guimaraes

Professional astrologer with CAP-ISAR, founder and President of Portuguese Association of Astrology in Portugal, founder and Director of the school of astrology certified by DGERT and ISAR-FacesIsabelGuimarães, She is Global Director for ISAR in Portugal. She has worked as a therapist, Astrologer and Teacher for the past 16 years. Organizes and participates in conferences for the past 7 years. Professional training in Psychology, Psychosomatics, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP-Neurolinguistic programming, and a Master degree in Naturopathy, Complementary Medicine and Alternative Therapies. Author of 5 books on astrology, which includes Child Astrology. For 5 years participated with a TV program "Ask the Astrologer" on TV Porto Canal and is the Astrologer of the journal Magazine Jornal de Notícias and digital channel of the same newspaper. Writes for the MOOD for over 5 years and puts Astrology articles in I Love Brides. For activities, see FacesIsabelGuimarães website