Maurice Fernandez – Solar Beings, Solar Consciousness

Everything in our cosmology is tied to the Sun, and indeed, from a spiritual point of view, love and light are the core principle of life. Maurice will explore how culture and astrology reflect this principle, tying into this narrative the force of the Sun in the chart and a touch of Lion Shamanism.   […]

David Railey – The Soul Purpose: The Lunar Nodes as Keys to Chart Interpretation

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Learn how pervasively this nodal theme expresses itself in every area of a person’s life and reveals the “Why” of an individual’s life. This lecture moves through case histories from David’s practice, underscoring the meaning and use of the lunar nodes by sign and house position, and using techniques and applications not covered in his book. [Intermediate to advanced level].

Lea Imsiragic – Summer and Winter Solstice Gates 2020 and their Global and Personal Impact

“Preparation is the breakfast of champions.” Jim Rohn Summer and Winter Solstice gates are giving us unique opportunities to make huge impact on your persona and global consciousness. On this lecture you will: Understand Energy gates of Summer solstice eclipse and addition transits, especially Pluto Jupiter conjunction. Learn how to harmonize with this new ultra […]

Roy Gillett – Making Friends with Astrology

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Knowing the astrology of people, as well as of the present, past and future times, enables us to see the world through others’ eyes; to experience their needs, fears and pleasures, as if they were our own. We see and feel responsible for a complete Universe. Roy will illustrate this with individual charts, synastry and historical astro-events and, looking ahead, suggest how such insight could help everyone create a better future.

Verena Bachmann – Faces of Love

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Everyone strives and longs for Love. But no one seems to really know what Love is. Depending on the person, their needs, development and consciousness Love can be something like desire, care, empathy, compassion, connectedness, oneness and many others. In this workshop we will explore the different aspects of Love, the associated planets and their ways of expressing and experiencing it.

Nadiya Shah – Astrological Magic

Astrology and Magic have an entertained history. It has long been understood that aligning your desires with the astrological symbols of the moment can bring you closer to them. Seeking help from the Universe, through astrology, is part of our tradition as well. This class will explore some introductory principals and practices of Astrological Magic, […]

Darri Low Murphy – Challenges and Gifts

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Meet the challenges of the quadruplicities, and the taken-for-granted gifts of the triplicities. Come to recognize how basic foundational structures and modes relate to astrological signs, their elements, and the planets placed within them. Discover how and why personal compatibility occurs with some folks, and discomfort may occur with others. Learning styles will briefly be discussed related to these astrological signatures.

Cassandra Tyndall – Terms / Bounds and Looking for Happiness and Success

There are times when a client’s chart doesn’t always look particularly favorable when it comes to topics such as relationships, career and success. As astrologers, sometimes we’re faced with having to look a little deeper to mine potential opportunities. The ancient, yet often overlooked Terms or Bounds is a level of dignity that is worth […]

Donna Woodwell – Dream Walking: How to Use Astrology to Work with Your Dreams

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Astrology and dreaming have a long, intertwined history that dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans. We'll review the highlights of our dreaming history and explore which practices may be relevant to you today. Learn tips how to recall dreams, explore their symbolism, use astrological timing to invoke dreams, as well as encourage lucidity in dreamtime travels. We'll also consider ways to use dreaming in your personal astrological practice or when working with clients.