Christine Skinner – Harmonics

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If the horoscope is a photograph and easily recognisable when passed from one astrologer to another, then harmonics provide tissue samples. This talk should be seen as a practical guide to anyone for whom harmonics are quick and useful tools for diagnosis and forecast.

Isabel Guimaraes – Air Element 2021: Medical Astrology

The importance of the element Air in the health how the influence in the planet, human beings and their species. We will talk about the change of Saturn and Jupiter to the element Air, and how we can take advantage of this cycle in our health Air element 2021 – medical astrology.   Full video […]

Sam Geppi – Vedic Astrology: Personal and Spiritual Time

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Vedic astrology has two distinct methods of timekeeping: those which originated in the Vedas, and the more familiar ones, used in horoscopic/personal astrology. Both are valuable and serve distinct functions when selecting auspicious times. Typically these two distinct systems are  muddled together. In this class both methods will be explored and contrasted with many case studies to illustrate. Implicit in this discussion are tropical/sidereal zodiac, astrology in religious ceremonies, personal timekeeping (horoscopic/earth-centric) and spiritual (Vedic/celestial) timekeeping.

Komilla Sutton – How Rahu Ketu Control Karma

Rahu Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon represent past life issues and what karma we need to experience as well as let go. As Rahu Ketu are shadow planets; therefore, their rulers too play an especially important part in decoding their influence. How to understand the karmic baggage, the thirst to fulfil the soul desires […]

Frank Clifford – Spotlight on Success: Making the Most of your Midheaven

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In this talk, Frank will offer new insights from his years of research into the MC. This much-neglected angle has much to say about our reputation and public image, and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and family inheritance. Astrologically, our MC complex reveals our personal definition of success and our deep-seated drives to make a societal/professional contribution. We gain recognition as we “follow our bliss” and adopt the roles described by it.

Susan Gidel – Embracing the Air Economy

The Air Economy—a paradigm shift in what is valued in the global economy—started with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00 Aquarius, and will continue for the rest of our lives. Join financial astrologer Susan Gidel for a New Year and Capricorn-practical jump start in understanding how to focus on and embrace the Air Economy so that […]

Rick Levine – The Roaring 20-Twenties Is Just Getting Started!

Astrologers foresaw the cosmic speed bump of 2020 for years before it was upon us. Like most events of great significance, it’s only possible to understand recent events with the perspective of passing time. Some astrologers may innocently believe that 2020 will soon be a memory. However, the tone for 2021 and the entire decade […]

Susie Cox – Susie’s Love Signs

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Do certain signs naturally get along and others are doomed? This is about her newest book, Susie's Love Signs, and a look at love. She struggled with finding a formula that worked for compatibility in relationships, and recently discovered the trick. The typical "like elements" or "Sun Sign squares" never worked for her. Now she feels comfortable with compatibilities and wants to share her new technique with you.