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Deborah Clahane – How Does Your Garden Grow? Experiments with Lunar Gardening

Astrology is unique among disciplines in that it applies to virtually every aspect of human life. One of the first concerns was how the heavens related to the success or failure of crops, a matter of survival to our early ancestors, who depicted their celestial observations on stones, cave walls and in impressive murals and […]

Graham Ibell – A New Map for Aotearoa/New Zealand?

The case for an astrology chart for Cook’s arrival (Part 1) Summary This article lays down the argument and justification for a new astrological chart for Aoteroa/New Zealand. In part 1 a brief description of the most commonly used mundane charts for New Zealand is given. A new map is proposed, drawn for the first […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for July 2022

New Moon in Cancer, 29 June 2022 GMT The cardinal flux is getting more visible especially after the new moon in Cancer (at 7 22 Cancer) which receives a partile square aspect (superior) from Jupiter in Aries. Indeed, the recent Cancer ingress chart also contains Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the last quarter phase. Jupiter is still […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Royal Connections: The Astrology of The Crown

A few weeks back, I gave myself a rare luxury. I’m not sure why, but I often feel guilty watching TV, because I’m always thinking I should be doing something more productive. I also recognise that sometimes, one needs to shut off one’s brain and escape into ‘the box.’ It was a Friday evening, I […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for June 2022

New Moon in Gemini, 30 May 2022 GMT There has been tremendous martial energy since Mars ingressed in Aries on the 25th of May and this yang, male energy is seen further augmented by the Mars-Jupiter conjunction which occurred just before the new moon in Gemini. If we examine the Aries ingress chart of Mars, […]

Richard Alwin Fidler – The Symbolism of Exalted and Fallen Planets

There is an important principle in horoscopic astrology which states that planets are Exalted or in their Fall in certain specific signs of the zodiac. The premise is, on the surface at least, relatively simple: Planets thrive in their Exaltation signs and struggle to be their best selves when in the sign of their Fall, […]

Marie-Louise Daguerre – Ad Astra

A movie by James Gray A journey through the depths of our astronomical solar system: Neptune. It is not an action movie, but rather a study case about loneliness, isolation, interiority: the son’s quest for his father that is a world apart, leaving his fellows and earthly essential things, or also vital around him, seeking […]

Alex Trenoweth – Blood and Fire Through and Through

An Astrological Perspective on The Salvation Army Photos are from Salvation Army International Heritage Centre archives at: unless otherwise noted. The mere name “Salvation Army” evokes powerful images of aid in times of crisis, charity in times of need, mercy and transformation in the hours of one’s personal deepest, darkest hour. The Salvation Army’s […]