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Astrology and Science – Can they live together?

Спікер:Gali Livneh


For so many years, too many years, astrology has been allegedly debunked by scientists. Astrology has been defined as pseudo-science, skeptics claim that there’s no scientific evidence for astrology and dismiss it, even when the evidence comes.

In this lecture, we’ll get to know the past and present relationship between astrology and science, and then explore some possibilities for the future of astrology in the 21st century, all through current research in the field of astrology and some philosophy of Science.

Gali Livneh

Gali Sat Puran Livneh, ISAR.CAP, is a professional astrologer from Israel. She teaches astrology, offers consultations and lectures at conferences around the world, as well as organizing astrology conferences in Israel. Gali is ISAR's Global Director in Israel and the editor of an Israeli Astrology online magazine - Urania. She also launched a website in Hebrew dedicated to research in the field of astrology. Gali is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer.