School Astravidya International (SAI) is part of the Jayavidya Cultural Association. Its intercultural and interdisciplinary structure, rigor, and high training standard makes the school suitable for any astrological orientation, even though its approach is primarily Karmic. Contents include teachings of Eastern and Western Masters, Gestalt Counseling experiences and Tantric practices with guided visualizations as personal trainings.

School Curriculum in its 3 year program and 502 hours covers complete astrology training, including Western and Eastern philosophical, cosmological, archetypical, and mythological principles, tropical and sidereal astrology, Hindu karmic, modern karmic, holistic, and modern Western approaches in astrology, History of Astrology, Astronomy for astrologers, Ethics and Consulting Skills, as well as several elective courses.

School offers Astravidya Certificate in Astrology after the 2nd year, Astravidya Diploma in Astrology after the 3rd year, as well as Master in Karmic Astrology Certificate as a separate specialization.