Claudia Rizzi

GD for Argentina

Introduced in the deep study of Astrology in1979, Claudia is a full-time Astrological Counselor. She got the ISAR C.A.P. Certification in 2005 and has a degree in Psychological Counseling (1993) with an International Certificate in Group Therapy Techniques for Adolescents in Crisis (University of Miami, 2004).

She is Global Director GD for ISAR Argentina and ISAR Consulting Skills Trainer; is in charge of the International Certification in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Founder and Director of “Instituto Superior de Astrología”, an ISAR affiliated school based in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2004.

Claudia is the author of: “Astrologia Psicofisica”; “La Consulta Astrológica” and “Curso de Astrologia – Tomo III”. And preparing her new book on Draconic Chart and the Cayce´s astrological unique visions.