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The Light and Shadow of Mercury in Secondary Progressions

Speaker: Gray Crawford / United States


Tracking the shift between Mercury’s phases with the Sun in secondary progressions is a powerful technique for helping clients reflect upon their life story and envision the next chapter of their life. In this webinar we will explore the meaning of Mercury’s solar phases and how they can be applied within secondary progressions to demarcate vital periods of personal development. Numerous case examples will be used to show how to apply Mercury’s movement within secondary progressions to the natal chart. Special attention will be given to the meaning found when Mercury shifts between being direct and retrograde as well as between being visible and invisible in secondary progressions.

Speaker Bio

Gray Crawford

Gray is a practicing natal and horary astrologer who lives in Olympia, Washington. Gray enjoys bringing a relational, imaginative, and psychological approach to the living symbolism of astrology, using techniques drawn from ancient and modern sources. Gray has spoken at UAC, ISAR, NORWAC, the Washington State and Oregon Astrological Associations, and the Portland School of Astrology. Gray writes astrology articles on his site



Topic: The Light and Shadow of Mercury in Secondary Progressions
Start: Неділя, Кві 2, 2023 15:00
Category: English
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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