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Astrology and Climate Change

Speaker: Christeen Skinner / United Kingdom


This lecture begins with consideration of solar rhythms and their impact on the planets of our solar system. Taking in the 500 year Wheeler Cycle, and going on to consider Earth’s position among the stars, this lecture considers cosmic influences apparently beyond human control.

Speaker Bio

Christeen Skinner

Christeen Skinner D.F.Astrol.S., FRSA is a Director of Cityscopes London Ltd: providing future-casting services. She is author of several books including ‘Exploring the Financial
Universe’, ‘The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe’ and ‘Navigating the Financial
Universe’ published in 2019 and in which she correctly forecast the pandemic of 2020.
She is a Trustee of the Urania Trust and a Director of the Alexandriaibase project. Christeen produces a free monthly newsletter available at



主題: Astrology and Climate Change
開始時間: 星期日, 3 月 19, 2023 15:00
分類: English
會議長度: 1 hour 30 minutes
目前時區: America/New_York