Zorana Stanojevic – Early Energy Activation or the Importance of Persona Charts for Newborns

The Natal chart is made for the moment of birth, but the planets in it are awakened when the Sun in transit touches every planet from the natal. The Sun is like a reflector, illuminating, waking up… each time the transiting Sun touches any planet or point in the natal chart represents a birthday of that chart element. A chart made for the contact between Sun and any planet in the chart is called Persona chart. It could also be called planets magnifying perspective.

Webinar highlights:
1. What is a persona chart and how to make it?
2. What is described in a persona chart?
3. The most important persona charts.
4. Activation of energy.
5. Why is it important for parents to be aware?

Full video at: ISAR STAR CLUB
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