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Is it true love?

Speaker: Jelena Djurdjan / Croatia


Relationships with other people, especially love relationships, are an important part of life. When we meet a new person, we usually wonder if he/she is right for us, and as astrologers we are interested in the mutual compatibility of the planets. The partner represents our unconscious, reflects the hidden parts of us (described by the 7th house), so through partner relationships we get to know those parts of ourselves better that we wouldn’t otherwise see.
Relationships are also quite complex and are affected by several factors. It’s not just about us and that other person, it’s about our ancestors and their memories that live in our natal chart, the situation in the family and the beliefs we acquired while growing up. Then some of our previous experiences (which could have been disappointing) and certainly past life experiences that left strong memories. This creates codes that can be repeated and through which we attract a specific person and experience into our life.
That’s why it’s more important what can we learn from each other, what are the shared lessons and what part of ourselves can we strengthen and develop with that person, than asking if he/she is right for us. In order to assess the degree of compatibility of a relationship, there are several steps and different charts that give us a complete picture. In this lecture I will describe, through some examples, the steps that help us assess a relationship – from the description of the basic predispositions from the natal chart and important aspects in synastry to the analysis of the Composite and Davison chart.

Speaker Bio

Jelena Djurdjan

Jelena Đurđan is an ISAR CAP astrologer since June 2022. and ISAR’s Global Director in Croatia since September 2021. She is from Zagreb, Croatia and has been practicing astrology for 20 years. After many years of self-education she graduated in Astrology in 2021. at the Johannes Kepler Institute in Belgrade.
She works regularly with clients. Her main areas of interest are Natal Astrology with predictive techniques, Relationship Astrology, as well as Electional Astrology and since recently Karmic Astrology.
She also has a background in classical music and violin and has an interest in many fields related to personal development such as spirituality and alternative healing and has been practicing meditation for 20 years.
She has always been open to further education and development of knowledge of this remarkable science.



Topic: Is it true love?
Start: Sunday, May 21, 2023 15:00
Category: English
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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