We usually think of zodiac signs as archetypal images and stories that can manifest in different ways. For example, we can think of Leo as regal and proud, and without that pride comes the ability to be a leader and also possibly to be egotistial. We think of Taurus as the most earthy grounded sign that connects us to nature and the pleasures of the material world. However, recent research strongly suggests that there is a deeper level to zodiac signs and these archetypal images, stories and associations are like a layer of the onion, and there is a layer beneath this. This more essential core of zodiac signs is energetic. We will learn about the evidence, how it is helpful in consultations and what this deeper level is for each zodiac sign.

Avalon School / David Cochrane

David is a Vibrational Astrologer, researcher, writer and teacher. He has made more than 600 free youtube videos that have a total of more than two million views. He has won multiple awards, including the 2018 Regulus Award in “Discovery, Innovation and Research,” and awards from astrology organizations in Italy and Turkey. David has developed an evidence-based system of astrology, and he works with academic researchers in the Cosmobiology Institute, a nonprofit organization.



Topic: New Insights Into Zodiac Signs
Hosted By: Bojan Radulović
Start: Saturday, Nov 26, 2022 11:00 AM
Duration: 3 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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