New Era, New President, New ISAR ⚡️♒️⚡️

A note from Clarissa Dolphin, ISAR’s president 💫

Dear esteemed ISAR ally,

In February 2023, ISAR made history

Every two years, the Board of Directors has a biennial election process as part of our organization’s bylaws. This time we elected myself, Clarissa Dolphin, as President. Not only am I the first black woman ever to lead an international astrology organization, I’m also one of the youngest, and certainly a more obscure practitioner as a harmonic astrologer.

It’s beyond my dreams to serve our astrological community in a guiding capacity as President of ISAR. I didn’t wake up one day after reading my mom’s Linda Goodman astrology books in my preteens envisioning this deep honor would befall me.

If you believe astrology has sentience, it’s like the organization purposefully chose me, YOU, our members, staff, global directors and our current Board to partake in the Plutonic transformation it’s undergoing at this moment.

ISAR is entering a mid-life evolution. The org is now in its mid-forties and transit Pluto is bang on the company’s 0°55’ Aquarius ascendant. YES, tropical transiting Pluto, our celestial transformation agent, is in ISAR’s first house for decades! 

This is ISAR 2.0. We are frontier members, pioneers, the first generation of Pluto in Aquarius adventurists on the cutting edge of societal transformation and innovation.

In an era of unprecedented challenges and exciting adventures for the astrology community, we have the most diverse Board and supporter network at any point in our organization’s existence – not just in terms of cultural background, but also pertaining to technical expertise and schools of thought.

Our diverse, talented, brilliant international community makes ISAR one of the best astrological organizations in the world, and we only plan to expand.

Let’s revisit our official statement of purpose, and then I will share my objectives for enhancing ISAR’s mission in the coming years. Our statement reads: 

“The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is dedicated to advancing education and investigative analysis in astrology, promoting high standards of ethics and competence, and sponsoring the exchange of ideas amongst astrologers worldwide. ISAR is an organization created by and made for astrologers. We operate with integrity, respect, and seek to be inclusive with all members of the astrological community.” 

Here’s a snapshot of the immediate action items on my list for improving your ISAR experience:

  • A New Website
    • In our brand new website space, you will find an incredible networking area to connect with other astrologers, fast and easy access to our entire Astro Library, as well as a streamlined look and modern experience that fits the latest standards of web accessibility.
  • Upgrades across our organization
    • As a 43-year-old organization, many of our systems need an upgrade. Our processes and critical infrastructure will be revamped while we also work to establish coherent, transparent processes and roles.
  • Culture & Support
    • EVERYONE in our vast global community has something dynamic and valuable to offer. Here’s my vision for how we can embrace, celebrate, feature, and support you:
      • Employ astrologers by creating job opportunities for practicing astrologers at ISAR.
      • Educate, certify, and acknowledge astrologers for their professional excellence through our branch organization, CAPISAR and its programs.
      • Provide support to astrologers through scholarships, paid speaking, writing, and other professional opportunities, such as being published in our journal, Star Club presentations, and more.
      • Represent astrologers from diverse strata of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds. Wherever you come from, whatever you have to offer, you have a voice that should be celebrated. 
      • Revitalize research by making ISAR one of the greatest resources in the world for astrological investigation.
        • We will support astrology research by making our extensive library of webinars, classes, gatherings, and publications more accessible to members.
        • Our research initiatives will help support astrologers make groundbreaking astrological discoveries that shape discourse both within and outside our community, with the potential to impact wider society.
      • Use astrology in every facet of our decision-making. 
      • Last but not least, HAVE FUN:
        • We commit to continue producing the awesome, live events that we all know, love and have a blast at.

The most important objective is to create an ideal, fabulous Future ISAR replete with support, knowledge, creativity, encouragement. In the next iteration of our organization, you will find ISAR to be a fabulous space filled with resources to support your unique work as an astrologer, a safe place to connect with peers, to exercise your creativity, to flourish in the astrological arts.

As ISAR’s first Pluto in Aquarius President, my style of leadership is marked by what I call “hive mind,” (the Lunar Nodes conjunct in the 8th harmonic). YOUR voice is important, as we revolutionize. So, I am making a request: please share your thoughts, ideals, and even delineations with us, so that we can work to co-create your dream organization. If you are already a member, we welcome your input via our website or you can email us at [email protected]. If you’re not already a member, this would be the perfect time to join ISAR, please consider becoming part of our community by signing up here:

Our incredible ISAR community is filled with diverse, legendary people and spectacular human beings with the drive and the vision to make anything possible. I’m exultant to join you in materializing this glorious, fulfilling, enriching Future ISAR for posterity. Thank you for your support, interest, and membership – my gratitude for your presence is immense. 

Let’s make history together!


Clarissa Dolphin

ISAR President