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Frank Clifford – The Set of Signs on the Four Angles

One initial assessment in chart synthesis is to note the set of signs on the four angles. Are they of a particular mode? Are all four elements found on the angles? Does a pair have a planetary ruler in common? This assessment is important when considering our relationship with our immediate and broader environments, and […]

Nunzia Coppola Meskalila – Pluto

The Planet  Obscure, tiny and slow, Pluto is mysterious and hard to observe, as it moves on the outskirts of our solar system, in the Kuiper belt. Its diameter is smaller than the Moon’s. Its first satellite, observed back in 1978, is Charon, named after the helmsman of newly deceased’s souls. The Discovery  After the […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. At approximately 1300 times larger than Earth, Jupiter represents growth, abundance, fortune and luck. Jupiter also has a philosophical side. He steeps us into an ideal, inspires us with a long-term goal and aspires us to become something better than we already are. Thus, bringing meaning, […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2021

The new moon in Libra, 6 October 2021 The new moon in Libra comes with a very dynamic setting as it also coincides with the biennial Sun-Mars cycle. Moreover, this potentially bombastic new moon makes aspects with both malefics as well as Venus and Chiron. Let’s remember that the last Sun-Mars conjunction that occurred in […]

Richard Alwin Fidler – A Brief History of Astrology in Britain (part 2)

Astrology in 20th Century Britain The late 19th and early 20th century saw a revival of interest in mysticism and the occult throughout Europe and in the USA, too. This can be traced at least partly to the advent of the Theosophical Society, which was founded in 1875, and rapidly attracted adherents from all strata […]

Richard Alwin Fidler – A Brief History of Astrology in Britain

Modern Britain is arguably a very rational and secular culture in which, for the most part, astrology is viewed warily as a dubious superstition, while science is regarded as the ultimate authority in matters of knowledge. Even so, astrology, in a form we would recognize as such, has enjoyed a particularly rich and illustrious career […]

Claudia Matias – Social Planets in Domicile: Opportunity to Redefine Social Values

Jupiter and Saturn are named as social planets, for it is mainly through the combination of the energies represented by these planets that are established the vision of life, the ethical structure and the forms of social action, which define largely the collective environment in each moment.

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for September 2021

The new moon in Virgo, 7 September 2021 Uranus appears to be quite active during the lunations in this period. Indeed the degrees of the new moons in the following months coincide with transiting Uranus creating a spectrum of various levels of uranian experiences. Particularly, the lunations on the 5th November, 1st February 2022 and […]