R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2022

Full Moon in Gemini, 8 December 2022 07:08:08 GMT, 16 01 Gemini

This is potentially very argumentative and sharp full moon which can indicate an aggressive and cunning style in communications. Our ideas and beliefs can be our defenses although they may not be useful to bring calmness and peace. 4 planets, including Moon, have been out of bounds during this period which tends to create even more instability and risky, dangerous inclinations. At this lunation, we may reap the rewards for our efforts to understand other views but also we could come to a point where it could have dangerous consequences. The partile conjunction of Mars (retrograde) with the new moon indicates a quite risky and action-oriented time ahead of us.

Strikingly, this fiery full moon falls onto the lower meridian for the Chinese capital Beijing. Such configuration might be alerting sign for domestic unrest or issues which might bring harm to villagers, and people working on the land, such as farmers, agriculturalists, or miners. It may also relate to covered actions of the intelligence service or arguments, dissensions of silenced opposition. The Sun which exactly culminates represents the power of ideologies and certain leadership. Interestingly, a fixed star on the Asc degree, Deneb Adige, the tail of the swan (in the constellation of Cygnus) talks of a strong temper and focused energy. See the chart below:

Similar consequences might also be effective for Indonesia, the islands of Borneo and Sumatra in Malaysia as well as the western coast of Australia, particularly for Perth.

Generally speaking, for entire Europe the sign of Scorpio rises and it brings this dangerous full moon into the 8th house. Such a combination might produce violence, accidents, the crisis in communication, in travel, and transportation. Meanwhile, bearing in mind the declining economic prospects, the value of the Euro might falter even more under this 2nd/8th house full moon. The Eastern European countries would be much more under pressure as the full moon makes a clear square aspect to the MC. For example see the chart for Kiew, Ukraine, below.

New Moon in Capricorn, 23 December 2022, 10:16:50 GMT, 01 32 Capricorn

The Capricorn new moon occurring very close to the Capricorn ingress represents increasing dynamism, rising enthusiasm, and much excitement. It is expected to have a paramount influence on world politics, leaders, and diplomacy due to its proximity to the winter solstice. Indeed, this new moon forms sharp aspects with both Jupiter and Uranus. Furthermore, ME/MA midpoint also brings certain quickness and argumentativeness. Mars still has been out of bounds which tends to represent very volatile and risky communications and ideas.


The combination of Jupiter and Uranus is related to major breakthroughs in science, technology, and innovation as well as exciting new political ideas and philosophical thought. Now Jupiter is fast and at 0 degree of a cardinal sign, Aries brings his fiery, courageous and new spirit just before the new year starts. The problem is that it is disposed by still retrograding Mars in Gemini. So the amount of excitement and euphoria could be quite unsettled and extreme.


Capricorn new moon for Ankara also reflects the energy and the urgency of this notable lunation. The lunation itself points out to the 7th house of Turkiye’s natal chart. Tightrope diplomacy and certain vulnerabilities in the region will be highlighted during this period. Retrograding Mars in Türkiye’s 12th house has brought invisible and divisive forces creating much tense atmosphere on the domestic front (natal Mars in the 4th house) like refugees, border controls, and security. Now, this lunation can bring a new sense of direction as well as a certain impetus for the opposition parties ahead of presidential and parliamentarian elections which will be scheduled in the first half of 2023. Additionally, Aries rising (Türkiye’s natal 10th house) and Mars in the 3rd house show a greater tendency to deal with neighboring countries. See below the new moon chart for Ankara, Turkey.

Capricorn new moon chart for Tehran, Iran is also striking  that it highlights outer planets, Uranus and Pluto on the angles. A stellium in the 9th house would suggest important events relating to justice, tribunals, and religious institution in Iran. This is the house of God and monotheist religions. Pluto on MC in the 9th house might imply a certain necessity for change or transformation. Uranus on the Asc, along with the north lunar node also indicates that people are now prone to dissent and the certain wave of change and reform is clearly advocated. See below the new moon chart for Tehran Iran.


This text is completed on 16 November 2022.

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